How to keep sugar without moisture?

18 de December de 2020

Have you noticed that after a while the sugar starts to stick or have lumps? This is due to humidity, but proper storage can be avoided. Here are some ways.

Absorbent paper towels

It may sound a bit weird, but placing a piece of absorbent paper in the container where you have the sugar helps to combat moisture. Of course, it is important that it be changed from time to time to always maintain the freshness of the sugar. Do the test!

Coffee with sugar

We know that many people enjoy a cup of coffee with a little sugar, but now this bean will not only complement this delicious ingredient, it will also help keep it fresh and free of pesky lumps. What you should do is place them at the bottom of the jar and they will have the same function as the rice with the salt, it will be loose, loose! Try it and you will see that this option will keep your sugar free of moisture.


If you don’t want to use coffee, nuts are another very effective option. You should also put them in the container where you have the sugar and when you see that they are very wrinkled, they should be changed.

Moisture-free furniture

Another place where a lot of humidity can accumulate is: furniture. Check your furniture well to see if it is a humid place, if so, remove the sugar from there and keep it somewhere else. eye! You should check that your other foods are also free of moisture, otherwise they will last less time.

No matter what way you adopt to preserve the sugar without moisture, you should know that the jar where you keep it must be airtight, to be successful in keeping your sugar fresh.

Source: Esto es azúcar

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