What foods should we eat before and after the marathon?

18 de December de 2020

The best secret for excellent performance around any exercise or training is a good diet, since it provides enough energy that is needed.

But do you really know what foods are ideal before and after running a marathon? Here we give you some options:

Before the marathon

The Mexican nutritionist, Daniela Schlettwein, says that at least three days before the race the consumption of: rice, fruits, pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oats and bread should be increased, this provides maximum muscle glycogen reserves, the source of energy that will be in charge of supplying during the competition.

It is also advisable to reduce or limit the consumption of fats such as: butter, oils and avocado, what you cannot forget is hydration, it is always important to maintain it before and during the race. One night before it is essential to rest at least 8 hours and have the last meal early.

After the marathon

After crossing the finish line, eat fruit or a cereal bar, that is to recover glycogen stores, include some protein to prevent the body from “wasting the muscle.”

The ideal thing for every athlete is throughout the preparation and after the goal, to have a personalized diet plan, this is so that the diet is according to the athlete’s needs.

Source: Esto es azúcar

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