4 main food groups

24 de May de 2022

There is no single food or beverage that contains all the essential nutrients your body needs, which is why variety is the key to maintaining a healthy body.

The World Health Organization indicates that a healthy, balanced diet includes the following food groups:

✅Fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to eat at least 440 grams or five servings a day.
✅Fats. It is advisable to reduce total fat intake to below 30%.
✅Dairy products, salt, sodium and potassium. It is advisable to reduce salt intake to less than 5 grams per day.
✅Sugars. It is recommended to reduce total energy intake to below 10%. It has been suggested that further reducing this amount to below 5% of total total energy intake would result in additional health benefits.

The food groups were created by the Education in Food and Nutrition (EDALNU) program in the 1960s. This classification was necessary to have a guide that would help to know how to achieve a balanced diet for the whole population.

Source: Making Sense of Sugar

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