Panela de Cristal de Caña

Panela de Cristal de Caña has vitamins A, B, C, D and the minerals Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron and Calcium. Because it comes directly from the juice of the cane, it requires little processing and does not lose the molasses

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Enhance the flavor of desserts and drinks with all the honey of your usual sugar. Look for it in the main supermarkets in the country.

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Cristal de caña

Cristal de Caña is a chemical-free, easy-to-dissolve, 100% natural sugar, which provides the nutrients of the purest sugarcane in the Dominican Republic. Fill your days with energy and unforgettable moments, adding a healthy dose of flavor and sweetness to your favorite dishes. Cristal de Caña is wellbeing, it is quality... and naturally Dominican!

naturally dominican


When you consume Cristal de Caña you are choosing a 100% natural product for yourself and your family. Cane sugar has the ability of sweetening and providing essential calories for everyday life. The human body needs sucrose in order to function properly. That is why cane sugar is fundamental in our diet.

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The production of Cristal de Caña is done with high sustainability standards, in a responsible way that protects the environment, from the sowing in the cane fields, up to the packaging in our factory. In addition, it is a product that meets all the sustainability standards of Bonsucro, the international organization that promotes the sustainable farming of sugarcane.

naturally dominican


When it comes to sweetening your dishes with Cristal de Caña, you are bringing to the table a product of our land, made by men and women who are committed to good nutrition. Cristal de Caña has diuretic, tonic and purifying properties. It´s a sugar that´s identical to our people: sweet by nature.

naturally dominican

Caramelize the sugar to decorate your biscuits.

Enhance the flavor of peas with the same amount of salt and sugar.

Illuminate your skin with cream sugar and almond oil.

Clean your oiled hands with a mixture of sugar and liquid hand soap.

Do you know how sugar travels to your home?

We grow the best quality sugarcane for its conversion into sugar at CAEI's factory. This sugar is then sent to the Endulzza del Caribe facility, where it is packed with the Cristal de Caña seal. From there, it travels to the various points of sale. And finally, it arrives to your table!

Endulzza del Caribe is a company that packages and sells sugar certified under the standard production and chain of custody Bonsucro produced by the Consortium Sugar Business Industrial CAEI and thus agrees to implement and maintain all the requirements of this standard chain custody.

Endulzza recognizes that Bonsucro Chain of Custody certification represents both a need and an opportunity to meet the growing demand from buyers and end-manufacturers for certified sugar under this standard.

Bonsucro is a global platform that promotes economic, social and environmental sustainability in sugarcane production. CAEI is the first mill in the Dominican Republic to obtain certification from the cultivation and harvest of sugar cane to the final product.

Cristal de Caña sponsors Sowing life