Sugar’s benefits for cycling

18 de December de 2020

Sugar as an energy source for cyclists has been a debatable subject in recent years. While it is high in calories, it is well accepted, to the extent that there are products that are ingested prior to sports routines, including soft drinks or meals. For example, for cycling, foods with fast and slow absorption of sugars, such as pasta and drinks containing glucose, are recommended.

A recent study by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, explained that “muscle glycogen is the body’s main store of glucose. Along with blood glucose, it is one of the main sources of energy during exercise”. That is why fructose plays an important role as a supplement for physical activity.

A study by the Department of Sports Science and Nutrition at Sheffield Hallam University indicates that some foods are often classified by their glycemic index (GI). Foods with a high GI have higher glucose levels.

This study also affirms that, as glucose slowly breaks down within our body, it gradually increases in our bloodstream, allowing for greater and better physical performance.

  • "As glucose slowly breaks down in our body, it gradually increases in our bloodstream, which allows for greater and better physical performance.”

Source: Written by Esto es Azúcar

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