We answer your questions: is brown sugar better than refined sugar?

27 de August de 2021

This question is frequently asked in our social media.

In our country there is a deep-rooted belief that relates the differences between brown sugar and refined sugar with greater benefits for our body. However, although brown sugar undergoes less processing, the calories between the two are the same, as well as their vitamin and mineral content.

The following information may surprise you, but the process to produce brown or refined sugar is the same, except for the last stage. First, the cane is washed, cut and, during the extraction of its juice (rich in sucrose), substances are removed to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Afterwards, through the dissolution process, the water evaporates and the sucrose begins to form crystals. The sucrose that does not fulfill this task becomes molasses and part of this liquid is retained for the last stage of the process, where the brown sugar gets its characteristic flavor and aroma.

In short, the differences are minimal, but the taste and the energy they provide to our body are similar.

Source: Esto es azúcar

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